HBOT Season Opener & AGM

The Hellenic Board of Trade invites you to our Season Opener & AGM. An evening of Greek wine and networking. Wednesday September 22nd 6-8PM at Petros Griffintown.

Our Mission

The mission of the Hellenic Board of Trade of Montreal (HBOT) is to provide members of the Hellenic business community of Montreal with opportunities to develop relationships with people, businesses and organizations forming an integral part of our community, with the goal of advancing the professional, commercial and cultural objectives of its members.

Our Goals

Supports the development of ​meaningful​ relationships​ by and between its members by organizing or promoting events to (i) facilitate the exploration, creation and pursuit of new business opportunities by such members and (ii) contribute to the strengthening among such members of Hellenic cultural bonds; 

Showcases ​​the accomplishments of Hellenic businesses​​, organizations and professionals to the greater business community of Montreal; and

Increases the exposure and participation of its members to events and causes which support the Hellenic community of Montreal at large.

Our Sponsors

2021 DEKA Awards

Congratulations to our winners! 

Events Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our 2021 event schedule!

Sponsorship Inquiries

Contact us at [email protected] for all sponsorship inquiries

Lets’s Stand Together

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The primary objective of the Hellenic Board of Trade is to develop a strong and variant Montreal Hellenic business community.